­7 Reasons Why KDE Sucks

­7 Reasons Why KDE Sucks
Well, my experience with KDE is limited to Kubuntu with KDE 3.5 so this list is Kubuntu specific. I have read good thing about Kubuntu 4.1 and would love to try it out when Ibex comes out. Still you can’t deny that Gnome is far better (or useable) than KDE.
1. Obsession over K: All KDE developers have a clip_image001[6]stupid K fetish. If you take a look at KDE software, you’d notice that most if not all software's begin with the letter K. It gets frustrating to see the letter ‘K’ staring at you every where, you see- K-menu, Kaffine, K3B and in places where it is not used as the initial letter they capitalize it just to highlight its presence as in AmaroK. ‘K’ isn’t the sweetest alphabet. So sticking a ‘K’ in front of every name won’t make it sound cool like iPods and iPhones. Hell, if KDE developers had it on themselves they would rename our country to AmeriKa and our Earth to Kearth!
2. Too many options: KDE has way too many options. Sure customizations are all good and nice, but there has to be some limit to it. I don’t want to be presented with truckload of options while changing the wallpaper. Take a look on ‘Configure Konqueror’ option in Konqueror-the default browser for KDE. Any Linux newbie would be blown away with the obscene amount of customization options. Ever tried Nero or Opera and found it a bit bloated? Well ,try KDE and you will never call Nero bloated again. Here are 2 snapshots which tell the whole story. One id from Konqueror and the other from K3B (KDE Nero).
3. Adept isn’t Synaptic: If you have been used to Synaptic, Adept would seem too lag a bit behind. Neither does it show the size of packages being downloaded nor does it show the other dependencies being marked. How the hell am I supposed to know how much am I downloading? Would it hurt to add Synaptic instead of Adept?
4. KDE doesn’t necessarily come with the best softwares: KDE developers choose softwares on the basis whether or not they have an integral ‘K’ in it rather than the quality of software. So you will find softwares like Konqueror make the cut over Firefox, Kopete is the default IM client in place of Pidgin. Kopete doesn’t even have Gtalk protocol. Konqueror is fast but it doesn’t load all web pages, it has problems displaying even Gmail.
[Note: As Shaswat righty said, Kopete does indeed support Gmail, It is in the Jabber part. Still I wish they'd rename it Gmail.]

5. Pick one either Dolphin or Konqueror: As most of you know KDE uses both Konqueror and Dolphin for file navigation. This becomes confusing. Pick one and stick to it. Although Dolphin has one cool feature by which you can navigate as the root without doing any sudo thing.
6. Konfusing: Over all KDE is one of the most confusing systems to try out. Linux newbies and noobs will be pissed off by the level of stupid customizations. No wonder Canonical concentrates mainly on Ubuntu (Kubuntu is the long lost brother).

7. The Wallet: Am I the only one or are you with me on this one. In Konqueror if you save password for some website, this 'wallet' password pops up and in order to save the password you have to type another password in the wallet. Hell! Imagine doing this for each and every website which asks for password. Sure some might argue that it is a security feature, but wait, which is more prone to password theft, typing the password once or doing it two times and giving others two opportunities to take a peek at what you are typing?
I hope KDE 4.1 is far better than 3.5 and I’m willing to plunge into KDE once more when Intrepid Ibex comes over.