Antivirus, Firewall Software – New Ways to Purchase Anti Virus.

By: Andrew McG

Antivirus, firewall software – new ways to purchase anti virus.

Antivirus software has become a necessity for windows based operating system users. Due to the way windows is built and how it works makes it easy to write malicious software which gets into your personal computer without you knowing about it.

There are quite a few varieties of viruses, some make a backdoor channel into your computer and use its resources (Trojans), some only collect information about you (spyware), and some make certain advertisements popup onto your screen now and then (adware).

In order to keep your private information safe, you need a reliable, proven and effective antivirus program. Antivirus and firewall are a bit similar in purpose. A firewall is a specific program which only monitors the incoming traffic onto your computer and filters malicious data which could potentially harm your computer and yourself.

Most of the antivirus software available in the market today comes with a firewall of its own. It is automatically installed on your computer when you install the antivirus itself. Some of the corporate grade, or high end antivirus software does not come with a firewall in the default package, rather you either have to purchase the firewall separately or purchase a complete antivirus suite. Such suites can cost you as much as up to 40 to 60 USD (25 33 pounds).

While deciding about buying an antivirus you have to take a few factors in consideration. First and foremost, you don’t need to just go and buy the best looking software because some of the biggest names in the industry have been overshadowed by formerly less known vendors. Why? Due to the lack of support from the old and established antivirus companies and their failure to keep the users updated about upcoming threats.

Moreover, these companies usually charge you quite a bit of sum and you don’t need to spend your money on something which is all names and no real output. You also need to watch out for the opposite type of vendors, these vendors do not have any real piece of software to offer you, rather ironically the adware kind of viruses actually make you buy useless software and substandard antivirus and firewalls are also a part of this malicious software program.

You need to buy an antivirus or a firewall from a vendor who has recently gained ground in the industry; this can be a new company which has been making antivirus and firewalls for no more than three years.

Some people have even suggested that viruses we created only to give the antivirus companies a boost and are being created for the same purpose to date. It is logical not to rule out this idea because it has been the practice of the corporate world as long as humanity remembers to create a void for a product, prepare it before hand and release it at the very sweet moment. In short that is how marketing works.

Remember, you have to take the right decision and strike a balance between names a performance.