Cheap Computer Cases

Cheap Computer Cases : If you don't need a great deal of computer components in your case then you can select a mini tower or slimline case that will take up less room.

If you are looking for cheap computer cases have a look at these great deals.

Let's take a look at your choice of size and shape when you choose a cheap computer case:
1. Desktop Computer
Your choices are micro (or mini), mid, and full-tower. Choosing a micro can save room because it's small.
Alternately, you could choose an all-in-one computer, in which the monitor, CPU and drives are all in one unit.
2. Micro Tower Case
These are popular if space is an issue. This is a smaller version called the micro tower case. A micro tower case is harder to work with inside but do save room on your desktop or shelf.
3. Mid Tower Case:
A mid tower case can sit on the floor under your desk or in a shelf on a computer desk. I prefer the look of this type of case over a desktop. It is larger than a micro-tower case; but smaller than the full tower cases below.

Many mid tower cases look more futuristic and cool.
4. Full Tower Case: [...]

A full tower case may not fit under your desk and you may not want it on a a desk top either. It's huge and takes up a great deal of room. The best thing is that it has heaps of space inside for many hard drives, CD ROMS and full sized PCI cards. Buy a stylish full tower case here. You can impress your friends with a monster size case. Bigger is better right? You can get a full tower case that is great for a high performance computer. Most have a nice 430 Watt power supply. (Modern graphics cards require high output power supplies of 350 Watt minimum).
Novelty Cases:
These days computers need not look like boring beige boxes anymore! Because so many people build their own computers there is a big market for people who want something different looking or who want extreme performance cases .

You can find a range of colored cases with matching keyboards and mice. Some cases also have a clear side window so you can see all your flash components inside.
All those badmen out there who cannot stop tweaking and overclocking their computer, you will want a case with a water cooling system and heat exchanger to prevent thermal stress of your processor, but man, keep it cool-looking too!

You can find novelty and extreme performance cases here.
What Features You Want Inside The Case:
The number of drive bays is important if you want to expand your computer with things like CD-writers, DVD drives and extra hard drives.

There are two different types of drive bays the 5.25" bay and 3.5" bay.

With 3.5" bays, you should distinguish between open bays (for floppy or ZIP drives) and closed bays that can be used only for hard drives.

5.25" bays are for CD ROM drives and DVD drives. The design of the case is also important. Design means the features that faciliate handling and installation of parts. Look for smart ideas like removable drive frames or motherboard shuttles. Motherboard shuttles are a big metal plate that can be removed easily, carrying the motherboard plus all expansion cards. Good case design also includes space for extra fans.

Building your own computer
Building your own computer is contrary to what a lot of people think not hard at all. The price difference between a custom built computer by you and a computer from the manufacturer can be quite substantial. While it's great to buy a built system you can save those money and invest them in better computer parts so you get a computer that'll last you longer.
Cheap Computers & Hardware is here to help you build your computer but not only do we guide you through the process of buying computer parts but we also help you build a computer from the hardware you bought and when you've built your computer we help you configure it and set everything up. Lets get started in making your dream computer. Purchasing Computer Parts
The first step on our journey to your custom computer are the computer parts we have to purchase to build the computer with. You should choose your computer parts based on the tasks you're going to be performing with your computer and of course your budget. The important part is not to get into the madness of buying the most recent computer parts as they're usually overpriced as companies charge you for having the coolest but not necessarily that much better computer parts. Read more about computer parts.
Build Your Computer
When you've bought all the necessary parts for your computer it's time to set it all up and build your computer.
Computer Configuration
When you've built your computer you still have to configure your hardware and install the software in order to run the computer you've built. Installing an operating system and securing your computer are the most important aspects in having a operational computer that will fulfill your needs for years to come.
Besides the tutorials on building a cheap computer we also have a section on computer networking. On our computer networking section we help you either set up a wireless network or a regular computer network in your home or office. In case you still think that building a computer is too much of a hassle we have a section on how to buy affordable computer desktops and how to save money on them as well. Whatever you need when it comes to obtaining cheap computers you'll find right here on this site.
I hope this site will be of use to you if you've decided that you want to custom build a computer according to your wishes and needs. All the required information is available on this site for free and if you follow the instructions you'll make a computer in no time and without major difficulties. If you've found this site useful why not linking to the site so other can also benefit from it. 

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