Computer buying tips

Computer buying tips

Here are few tips which will help you in buying a new computer

Step 1 : Evaluate your need

First of all make a rough idea what kind of PC you are looking to buy.

  • Are you looking to buy a mini PC, desk tip or lap top ?
  • What should be its configuration?
  • Do you have any brand preference?
  • What should be the quality of hardware?
  • What should be the size of hard disk and ram?

Step 2 : Market Survey

After making this rough idea, try to find out prices of the PC you are looking for. For this purpose you can search from the Internet or go to the market for price survey. when you have done this job, next step is to check the PC that is that the one you are looking for?

Step 3 : Checking your PC

Initially there are certain checks you need to do. First of all check the hard drive size , ram size, cache memory, Processor size, key board quality or brand, mouse , Power supply. power cables

checking the monitor:

For new monitor there are always warranties so you don't need to worry when you are buying a new monitor.
If you are buying a branded computer then first of all check the screen. Is there any kind of bold on the screen or a minor dim in the screen, If so then ask the shop keeper.

Step 4 : Ask for warranties

Before paying the price for the PC, you need to ask to the shopkeeper that how the company will compensate in case the device is not functioning or is not compatible with your computer. what would be the procedure.