Computer Repair Help on Wireless Printer Server

Adding a wireless print server to the home network boosts up your USB printer’s performance. You can turn your ordinary printer with a standard USB connection to a very powerful one by adding wireless print server to the wireless router. This will enable your printer to broadcast the signals to anyone who are connected with your home network. It also allows the users who are connected to your home network even by a wired connection, suggest the computer repair technicians.

Printers SupportHowever, for making a printer wireless to the computer, you need to follow some tech support steps. First, you need to turn the printer off. Then locate the USB port on the rear of the wireless print server and install the USB cable of the printer into the port. Turn on the printer server and the printer.

Get the installation disk provided with the printer server and connect it to any of the computer on your network. Run the installation wizard and follow the instructions to find out the print server and then connect it to the printer.

Now computer repair experts suggest you to insert the disc to any other computer connected to your network. You need to make use of user installation option to complete the task.

So, have you ever tried to make a printer wireless to the computer? You can share your experience here.