Computer Support on Snow Leopard Bug

Surely you have heard about the weird notorious bug Snow Leopard. If you are using Mac OS 10.6 this bug can cause you lose your data. A lot of people already have reported about losing their data after their login to the Mac’s guest account and after their returning back to their own account. If you have also faced the same problem Microsoft computer support experts will guide your way to do the needful.

The most peculiar point about this bug is that the severity it causes may vary from user to user. Some have reported to have lost all their data and others have reported having lost a file or two in their system. The most unfortunate fact is that the data that is once lost cannot be recovered if you did not have any data backup.

Microsoft tech support team acknowledges about the bug and promised to solve it without further delay. The importance level of the files that are saved may vary but once a file is saved some importance has surely been given to it by the user. So losing of data caused worldwide anger among the Snow Leopard users who have lost their data despite the fact that the computer support experts at Microsoft had been trying hard to resolve the issues.
Microsoft suggested it’s affected users to disable their guest account and then re-enable the account as a native one. Those who have not yet been affected by the bug are requested to take backup of all their data in a flash drive or any external storage device.