Computer Support on Windows XP Mode

Numerous innovative Microsoft applications are coming up almost every day to furnish Windows with new features and functionalities. Recently Microsoft tech support experts have announced the update to Windows XP Mode. This will address any incompatibility roadblocks while upgrading to Windows 7. So to say, the new technology will enable the small and midsize business houses to address any issues easily when they are upgrading to Windows 7 Professional.

Computer SupportThe problem that the small and midsize business firms face when upgrading to Windows 7 is that some of their applications still require Windows XP. With the new updates to the Windows XP Mode, more PCs will be accessible for optimum use. With the new updates, XP Mode will no longer need hardware virtualization technology to run, suggest the computer support experts. However, the hardware virtualization technology such as Intel VT or AMD-V will still be used by the Windows XP Mode.

Computer support guys suggest that when upgrading to a new version of Windows, the business enterprises had to test and map all its lines of business applications in the new operating system. While Microsoft offers a wide range of tools to run the test and mapping, there might be something that is not supported by the official vendors of the enterprises. As a result the whole process of mapping, testing, fixing incompatibility and then upgrading to the new version that supports Windows 7 is really time consuming. But with the new updates to Windows XP Mode, users can run the applications quite easily now. Would you like to try the new features? Pool in your ideas here!