Five Tips to Reduce the Use of Antivirus Cleaners

Most persons only use antivirus cleaners, after their computer would have been infected by a virus. Being proactive will reduce the chances of your computer being infected. To be proactive, antivirus software should always be installed on your computer.

If you are one of those persons that uses a computer on a daily basis for personal business, rather than in a corporate business environment, then you will always be at risk of being infected by a virus, or other dangerous malware programs. Malware is a name given to software programs that were designed to be used for malicious intent.

Even in a corporate settings, the chances of your computer being infected by a virus would also be possible, but the chances are minimized tremendously. Corporations use industry standards of protection to minimize the threat of their computers being infected by viruses, and other dangerous programs. During my many years of employment in a corporate environment , within the Information Technology department, steps were in place to minimized our computers from being infected by viruses. Antivirus software were installed on every computer in our environment.

Antivirus cleaners are only used after a computer is infected by viruses, or malicious ad-ware and malware infections. I have included below some tips and guidelines to help in the reduction of your computer being infected by a virus.

(a) If you are using a windows machine with windows XP, or windows vista installed as the operating system, you should always be running the latest security patches and browser updates.

(b) Your computer should always have antivirus software installed that is capable of running in real time.

(c) Your antivirus signatures should always be up to date.

(d) You should always do weekly scans to your computer.

(e) Never open e-mails from persons you do not know.

If you are serious about reducing the use of antivirus cleaners then you should always have antivirus software installed. Having antivirus software installed does not guarantee that your computer will be virus free, but the chances of your computer becoming infected is reduced tremendously.