Fix Slow Computer

Fix Slow Computer
Computers play a vital role in several areas. They make the work much easier and help to complete the tasks in short interval of time. However, sometimes they become less productive and efficient due to lack of maintenance, virus attacks or any other reasons.

There are various possible reasons for the slow computer speed and performance like:

• Large number of temporary files stored on your system
• Registry corruption
• Attack of virus or any other malicious software
• Shortage of free disk space on the hard disk
• Data corruption
• Excess software applications installed on your system
• Incompatible and outdated device drivers installed on the system
• Overheating of computer hardware
• Corrupt operating system files

There are several other problems which might lead to the slow performance of your computer. Given below are some of the basic steps to fix slow computer. Don’t forget to take a backup of your computer before taking any steps to improve the speed and performance.

• Clean the hard disk of all the unnecessary programs and files. Use the Disk clean up utility in Windows Operating system. This utility will free up the hard disk space thereby making the system fast.
• Remove the temporary files from your system. The temporary files occupy large system memory. Regularly clean your system for temporary files.
• Keep your computer software up-to-date.
• Protect your system from malicious software. Install any antivirus or antispyware software and regularly scan it for infections.

You can perform these steps to fix computer when its working slow.