Gigabyte GV-N470OC-13I - A review

Joining the family of Nvidia Fermi video cards recently is the GV-N470OC-13L. It started with the GTX480 and then came the 470 series followed by the N470OC-13L.

Following are some of its features:

* It is powered by NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470 GPU 2
* Supports PCI express
* DirectX11
* Open GL 3.2 Support
* 1280MB GDDR5 memory and 32 bit interface
* Supports Nvidia Pure Video Technology
* Dual link DVI support
* 3-way NVIDIA SLI support
* NVIDIA PhysX Technology
* NVIDIA Cuda Technology
* HDMI 1.3a Support
* 7.1 digital surround sound
* RoHS Compliant
* Compatible with Windows 7
* Certified for Windows Vista
* High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) support
* Shader Model 5.0
* 40nm Technology
* Interactive ray Tracing

This card has some incredible features but it has a lot of close competitors. There are 2 more from the same manufacturer, which fall in the same series too. Besides, AMD has its own line of 5000 series cards.

Well the only fair part with this card is the competitive price. So, it’s just time to tell whether this card will stay or get perished.