How to Clean a Virus-Infected Computer

Step 1

As quick as you doubtable that your computer has a virus, delete your computer from any networks it ability be on, as able-bodied as from the Internet, so that you don't aback advance the bug to others. Unplug your network cable if you accept to.

Step 2

If you are having virus-scanning (anti-virus) software installed, run it.

Step 3

If you don't go for any antivirus software, you will charge to access some. If you cannot get it from a network administrator or download it from a computer which is not having virus, you can mail-order it from a retailer.

Step 4

Start your computer (still not affiliated to a network) and go through the instructions that came with the anti-virus software.

Step 5

Keep active the virus-scanning software until your computer comes up clean.

Step 6

Reconnect your computer to the Internet and analysis with the anti-virus software's administrator to make sure accept the latest updates. If not, download them now.

Step 7

After updation of the anti-virus software, run it again until your computer comes up clean.