How to fix hard drive problems

  Hard Disk

If your computer is creating problems to read/write on the hard disk or may become unstable then it is possible that some lost clusters and bad sectors are on your hard disk. To check your computer hard drive for any errors, you can use scan disk utility. You should scan your hard disk on regular basis to maintain the status of missing cluster and bad sectors. In windows 2000 and XP, you can use the error-checking tools to check the health of your hard drive. 

Follow the given steps to run the error- checking tools:

  • First open the My Computer then right click on any drive that you want to check.

  • On the right click menu select the Properties option.

  • Here select the Tool tab then run Check Now in the Error-checking dialog area.

  • Under check disk options you can select both check box ”Automatically fix file system errors” and “scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors” then press Start button.

  • This test will prompt you, if there is any problem on your hard disk and automatically fix it now.

    Your hard drive may be running slow because there are useless garbage of files that you need to clean. There is a free utility that is called best disk cleaner software. It is wise enough to clean all the unnecessary files while saving necessary files. 
    In case your important files are deleted or if you want to recover previously deleted files which were also removed from recycle bin you can also recover them by How to recover deleted files.
    Show disk performance can be caused if you did not defragement your hard drive, There is a built-in defragementer tool in Windows but that is very slow. you need to lean How to increase disk performance.
    Hopefully these tips will help you speedup your system and will fix the hard drive problem.