How to Reset Computer to Factory Settings With CD and Without CD

Resetting your computer to factory settings may be required when your computer is attacked by a virus or your machine is too slow and not working properly. Resetting the computer to factory settings cleans the entire drive. You may also have to do this when you are selling your computer and want the new user to get a clean disk.

Resetting computer to factory settings using CD

If you retain the CD that came with your computer, you can use it to reset your machine to factory settings.

•Step 1: Get the backup of important files on a USB drive or DVD. Once you reset your machine to factory settings, you will erase all important documents that you have on your drive, so having a backup is essential.

•Step 2: Insert the CD that you have in the CD drive. The computer will now ask you if you wish to restore factory settings.

•Step 3: Click ‘Yes’ when you get the option and give the computer the time to restore the factory settings. You have to be patient as the process can take a few hours to complete.

Resetting computer to factory settings without CD

If you cannot find the CD that you got when you purchased your computer, do not worry. There is a way to reset your machine to factory settings even without the CD.

•Step 1: Have a backup of all the important files, documents and images on your pen drive or DVD.

•Step 2: Start your computer and keep pressing the F1 key when the blank screen appears.

•Step 3: You will reach the setup configuration mode that lets you change the computer settings.

•Step 4: Select the option that lets you reset computer to factory settings.

•Step 5: This process may take a longer time for changing computer settings than when done with the CD.

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