How to Solve Mouse Problems in Dell Computer ?

If you are facing issues with your mouse while working in your Dell system, you can solve the problem by following certain steps.

•Step 1: Restart your machine and press Ctrl and Esc keys for displaying the Start menu.

•Step 2: Now press “u” to select Shut Down from the menu and press Enter.

•Step 3: When the computer is turned off, press power button to restart again.

•Step 4: You can use a new mouse; if it works, then it will be evident that the old mouse was faulty.

•Step 5: For checking mouse settings, press the Ctrl and Esc keys together for displaying the Start menu. Then click Control Panel. Now you have to click the Printers and Other Hardware.

•Step 6: Click on Mouse and try to adjust the settings.

•Step 7: In case you are using a PS/2 mouse, you have to enter system setup and make sure that the Mouse Port found under the Integrated Devices category is set to ‘ON’.

•Step 8: Now exit the system setup and reboot your Dell computer system.

•Step 9: You may also try reinstalling the mouse driver.
•Step 10: You can run Dell diagnostics. In case you find that the diagnostics tests are failing, contact Dell support service.

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