How to solve PC Restarting Problem at Boot

How frustrating it would be if your computer keeps restarting whenever you try to turn on the PC? You are in a hurry but you can’t use the PC. You can dial a remote PC repair company or try to resolve the problem on your own. Let’s discuss how to solve PC restarting problem at boot.

There could be a few reasons for which the PC keeps restarting continuously. The main problem might be that the registry has become corrupted. If an application is trying to write something in the registry and that is not happening properly due to certain reason then this happens.

So what do we do to stop it? Restart the pc and keep tapping F8 on your keyboard as soon as you see the initial beep screen or the OEM logo. This will take you to a windows advanced boot options menu. Here you need to choose Last Known Boot Configuration and hit Enter. This should resolve the issue. If the problem persists, you need to get ready for more troubleshooting.

The first thing now would be to run a system file checker using the command sfc scannow. In case this doesn’t work then run a windows repair using the OS CD. Well if that also doesn’t solve the issue which in fact it should then it’s the ultimate step.

  • Click Start
  • Settings (Skip on Windows XP)
  • Control Panel
  • System (May need to click "Switch to classic")
  • Advanced Tab
  • Press Settings button
  • Uncheck "Automatically restart"
This will prevent Windows from restarting even when it encounters an error during the bootup process. For further compute service, consult a tech support expert.