Increase your system speed

Free computer tips for Increase your system speed

First of all make it sure that your system is not infected with virus, spyware, adware or any other malicious software. If yes then first of all remove it because they are main factor that decrease your system speed. Here are few thing on which you system speed depends.

  1. disk defragment
  2. temp files
  3. registry files
  4. virus/spyware
  5. adware
  6. milieus softwares
  7. cache memory

Follow this Steps to increase your CPU speed:

Scan your system on regular basis:
If you are using a system which is connected to Internet or new USB are usually connected to your system then it is recommended that you scan your system on daily bases and conclude that which virus is mostly attacking on your files. try different antivirus if you are facing problem.

Delete all temporary file

When you use Internet your browser will cache the page and save the image,video,text every thing present on the web pages.Some times they also contain virus and these are unwanted for operating system,will decrease your processor speed.Some time some malware will also present in this.Ad-ware will spy your behaviour using your cookies ,So clean this unwanted Temp files.

Cleanup your disk

Do Disk Cleanup daily .This is a tool provide by windows ,which is inbuilt in your windows .Disk CleanUp will delete all the Active X like files or application installed while browsing on Internet.To clean this go to system tools and click Disk Cleanup select the drive and click OK Delete all the unwanted files and application

Defragment your disk

when files are stored on the disk they are not well organized, disk Defragmenter will rearrange them in a good way that will increase your system speed Weekly do Disk Defragmenter ,this will arrange your files in disk .It will also provide by Windows and administrator can only use this .This will take more than 15-45min.