Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows Media Player 12

On Windows XP, video players is almost indispensable.watching a film,you need a package of codecs and a player like Mv2Player, BSplayer,etc.

With the launch of the operating system Windows 7, many users who have tested the new system were observed at least for movies by Windows Media Player 12.watching a movie on Windows 7, without any another video player or the installed codecs, but you need to know some useful commands for Windows Media Player 12.

Windows Media Player 12 – Keyborad Shortcuts

- Open a file – CTRL+O
- Switch to full mode – CTRL+1
- Switch to skin mode – CTRL+2
- Play the previous item – CTRL+B
- Play the next item – CTRL+F
- Play or pause a file – CTRL+P
- Stop playback – CTRL+S
- Move the focus to the search box in the library – CTRL+E
- Turn shuffle on or off – CTRL+H
- Show or hide the Classic Menus (menu bar) in full mode – CTRL+M
- Create a playlist – CTRL+N
- Repeat the playlist – CTRL+T
- Close or stop playing a file – CTRL+W
- Rewind video – CTRL+SHIFT+B
- Show video in full screen – ALT+ENTER
- Turn captions and subtitles on or off – CTRL+SHIFT+C
- Fast-forward through video or music – CTRL+SHIFT+F
- Decrease the size of album art – SHIFT+F6
- Play faster than normal speed (time compression) – CTRL+SHIFT+G
- Play at normal speed - CTRL+SHIFT+N
- Play slower than normal speed (time expansion) – CTRL+SHIFT+S
- Open Help – F1
- Edit media information on a selected item in the library – F2
- Add media files to the library – F3
- Refresh information in the panes – F5
- Increase the size of album art – F6
- Mute the volume – F7
- Decrease the volume – F8
- Increase the volume – F9
- Show the Classic Menus (menu bar) -F10
- Switch to full-screen mode – F11