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If you are approaching the time to invest in a new or first owned laptop computer then you'll probably be wondering what ones are the best. Certain brand names and computer retailers come out with laptops that are above the competition and deciphering which ones are the best can be difficult, especially for a consumer that isn't very tech savvy. Here's a brief laptop review guide to the best computers out there.

Apple MacBook Pro 15”: The Apple MacBook is one of the newest computers of 2007 and it is one of Apple’s latest and greatest inventions. It is a 15.4” screen with 120 GB of hard drive (very big!) and built in Bluetooth technology. The pros of the MacBook are its size and screen while its cons are mainly its price. Let’s start with the size. The MacBook has a pretty small look to it and it is incredibly thin. When stacked up against other like laptops this computer will be much thinner and portable then the competition. Its screen is an LCD screen that has a few cool benefits. Number one, it has a sensor that automatically reads the room’s brightness level and adjusts the computer’s screen so that it is always at the proper level. Number two, you have the ability to manually adjust the screen’s brightness so you’re always in control of how the screen looks and how much light you need. The biggest con of the MacBook of course was the price. Priced at $1900 it is a little on the high side, although lower than many other laptops with similar features.

Sony VAIO: The VAIO is one of the most popular computers currently on the market and it sells so well for a number of reasons, including its style, its weight and its features. The VAIO is only 6lbs and it has a stylish, widescreen that many consumers love. The screen is backlit with LCD lighting and it is designed for the person who enjoys watching movies or playing video games on their laptop. With 120 GB of hard drive this computer is built to hold plenty of movies, music files and games. The Sony VAIO is the perfect laptop for the consumer seeking an entertainment device. Plus, being priced around $1300-1500 it isn’t too high for a person to finance.

HP Pavilion dv9000: This HP laptop is a little different from the devices the company has come out with in the past and many consumers love the change. The dv9000 is a Media Center laptop that comes with an innovative HD screen, meaning all DVDs and visuals will be enjoyed through high definition. This laptop is perfect for the consumer who needs a computer that can handle media files because it has 200 GB of storage, a 17 inch widescreen and at $2,300 it isn’t the most expensive like machine out there.

Well there you go, laptop reviews to the best new computers on the market today! For more laptop reviews check out the Consumer Reports or PC Magazine.

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