Local Residents Under Threat From Poor Computer Security

by: Dave Page

Local businessman and computer expert Dave Page, who runs Hybrid Computers, is warning home computer users in the Aylesbury area to beware that they are leaving themselves open to identity theft, spying and viruses from unscrupulous broadband hackers.

Typical home surfers shop and bank online; they use popular auction sites such as eBay and are likely to book their holiday on the net too. Lack of computer security is a growing menace for people unaware of the risks that using an unsecured internet connection can cause. The increasing use of laptops that use wireless broadband is adding to the problem. Surfing the net while relaxing in the garden during the warm summer weather may seem a luxury, but vulnerable users can be easily exploited.

Mr Page said: “Home surfers have a huge amount of personal information on their PCs. Every time they shop online, they are transferring that information across cyberspace. If they are using an unprotected Wi-Fi connection, rogue users within signal range can surf the net at the expense of someone else’s phone bill. This may seem fairly harmless, but it can have a dramatic effect on your surfing speed. But worse, experienced hackers can gain access to your data, files, personal information and more, without you noticing.”

He warned that having up-to-date anti-virus software and a firewall is also vital to prevent your computer from being disabled by viruses and spyware programmes that can reveal what you do on the internet. Mr Page explained: “Many users already have viruses and spyware on their PCs but are unaware that they are open to attack. Protecting yourself from these problems is really simple. Most home users just need their security settings enabled on equipment they already own. Others just need some additional software, which is very cost-effective compared with the cost of having your identity cloned or your internet connection exploited.

Hybrid Computers deals with these kinds of problems on a daily basis. Dave Page set up the company as he felt the Aylesbury area was not well served, with most computer companies only providing protection for businesses. He said: “The reason that thousands of local residents have no security on their wireless networks isn’t down to expense; it’s simply that they have no idea of how to set it up. It costs next to nothing to secure your PC and avoid problems. I recommend that everyone secures their computer today before it is too late.”