McAfee & Facebook Announce Collaboration

In a very significant announcement top social networking site, Facebook and Internet Security and Antivirus solutions provider, McAfee have announced a collaboration to work together. Facebook has a user base of 350 million users. Under the terms of the deal, Mcafee will provide free subscription of its Internet Security Suite software to the Facebook users for six months.
Facebook and McAfee are also working towards creating a custom scanning and repair tool which will be made available as free download or might be sold at discounted prices to Facebook users.
The interesting facet of the partnership is that Facebook will be using the financial accruals from this partnership to bring more benefits to its users. They will not be taking any share of revenues from McAfee. McAfee users can buy the products after expiry of the six month trial period. McAfee will be buying advertising from Facebook.
Social networking sites have always been targeted by hackers. Presently the scanning tool using English language is available in eight countries to Facebook users. Other languages are under development.