No Sound in Windows XP, What to do?

Is not there any sound in Windows XP operating system? Or, no sound is coming from the speakers or headphones? There might be several reasons behind this problem. It might be corrupt or incompatible drivers, wrong sound settings, or missing updates. Do the following to make out and fix common sound problems in Windows XP.

First and foremost, check the sound card of the system (if installed). Click on Start and go to Control Panel. Then double-click System, and choose the Hardware tab, and then click on Device Manager. You might be asked for an administrator password or confirmation. Give the password for confirmation.

If there is a sound card installed, go to video and game controllers category, and check whether the card is showing or not. You can run the Diagnose and fix sound playback issues. If you find the hardware devices are not detected or not working, fix it.

If the issue still persists, you need to update drivers. First, update the operating system of the Windows. Then install software from the device manufacturer. For more help regarding sound problem in Windows XP, you can talk to a computer help provider. There are many remote computer repair companies that assist you to resolve these types of issues.