Notebook-Tech Support for Cloud Computing

Do you really know the difference between Notebook and Laptop? Before starting with the discussion about notebook and laptop utilities, let’s be clear about their features. As tech support professionals explain, notebook is a portable computer with built in WiFi system. They provide more of network support than computing resources in order to give the flexibility to get most out of internet. Its RAM memory is less, hard drive is tiny with few applications and the CPU is slow. So, if you are interested in cloud computing, Notebook will be your choice. On the other hand, a laptop can give you what your desk would. It is bigger than notebook devices and of course has greater computing resources inside.

However, as cloud computing has become a buzz word to the recent generation, a notebook can give you what exactly you need. It let you save your data out on the internet and don’t make you pay for the bloated applications and hard disk capacities. Notebook has enough resources to run any leading web browsers. They are smaller and lighter than laptops and therefore you can easily carry them anywhere. So, tech support experts always suggest getting a notebook if you don’t have much to do on computer programs.