PC Optimization

computer optimizationPC optimization is a way to improve the performance of a computer system. You can optimize your PC using several tips and techniques. You can also use any of the good PC optimization software available in the market. Let us discuss some of the useful tips to optimize a Computer Setup.

Wipe off your computer desktop: Do not clutter your PC desktop with several shortcuts and programs. The shortcuts occupy considerable fraction of system memory. So, if there are several shortcut icons placed on the desktop then they will consume huge system memory. As a result, you should keep only the recycle bin and some of the frequently used applications on the desktop.

Minimize the size of recycle bin: By default recycle bin occupies more computer memory. You can alter the memory size of the recycle bin to a lower value to make your system fast.

Turn off screensaver and wallpapers: Screensavers and wallpapers occupy a large volume of system’s memory. So, to improve the performance of your PC you can turn off the screensaver and keep images of small file size as wallpapers.

Regularly delete temporary files from your PC: Temporary files are voracious eaters of computer memory. You can improve its performance by removing the temporary files at regular intervals. Windows XP provides “Disk Cleanup” utility that can automatically clean up disk space for all the unwanted temporary files stored on your PC.

Defragment your PC’s hard disk: Defragmenting a hard disk can help in improving the performance of your PC. The process of defragmentation frees up space on the hard disk and can automatically arrange the data stored on it thereby improving its performance. You can use the “Disk Defragmenter” utility provided in the Windows XP operating system and improve the performance of your PC.

Refreshing your desktops at regular intervals will help a lot in improving the speed of your PC. The process of refreshing a desktop removes all the unused files from your computer RAM, hence improving the computer speed.