PC Security is not difficult

windows installation
These days, computers are essential for every person to fulfill basic needs. Computers come under the contact of virus when they are connected to Internet. I have experienced this when I purchased a brand new computer. As I am a gaming freak, I decided to get a new Internet connection in order to download games available online. I searched games on the net and download the executable files of the desirable game. My computer took couple of minutes to download the game and then I installed the game. After the game was installed, I observed something penasty with my computer. Some applications stopped working, blue screen of death problem and Windows freezed suddenly. My computer had been infected by severe viruses present in the executable file of game.
So I searched on Internet about virus attacks and I came to know about the various methods to avoid virus threats in your computer. Some basic practices, which I have exercised in order to prevent virus threats are mentioned below.
• Make sure that disks and files you run on your computer should be authentic.
• Don’t try the disks which have been used in other computers and don’t download files from unauthentic websites as well as avoid opening e-mail attachments without scanning.
• Download the antivirus software in order to detect the virus present in your computer.
• Install updates from the antivirus software website. Then the antivirus software will be able identify the virus and delete it.
• Download and install any software patches or other programs that will help you eliminate the virus. Or follow any instructions you find on deleting the virus manually.
• Try to scan all the files with the extensions .doc, .com, .xls and .ppt etc with antivirus software. Virus mostly present in the files with these extensions.
By following the above-mentioned instructions, I removed some infections from my computer but my computer was not yet completely free of malicious programs. Then I decided to go for technical support providers in order to make my PC secure. Everyone needs PC security to avoid unauthentic access to the data stored in the computer.
So if you find any difficulty while removing severe viruses from your computer then go for technical support firms who provide dedicated technical support to protect your PC against the virus attack. Their Microsoft Certified technicians will access your computer remotely and resolve the issue within fraction of seconds. So imagine the world with unlimited hassle-free Technical Support 24/7/365.