Reclaimer's Rant (or Kill All Spyware!)

by: The Reclaimer

I positively despise Spyware, Trojans, Adware, Malware, Grayware, Viruses, and all forms of computer parasites. Their very existence is an affront to the average/intermediate or novice computer user. They steal your personal information, degrade and even cripple vital components and software. They cost you money in terms of time... time spent struggling against them, time finding them, and time trying to destroy or delete them.

I foresee a day when their existence becomes so problematic, that some heavy hitter like Microsoft will have to step in to aid in their suppression. Can you imagine the FCC's reaction to a broadcasting version of a Browser Hijacker that suddenly changed the channel to an infomercial in the middle of a movie you were watching? With the proliferation of high-speed cable ISP connections among computer users (connections that remain active 24/7), the bugs are finding clever new ways to ride in and infest our computers. Lately I've even become paranoid of MSN and Yahoo IM's.

Which brings me to the current object of my wrath:

Win Anti Virus Pro 2006
Drive Cleaner 2006

These miserable, bottom feeders somehow installed a trojan in my system (I think it rode in under the guise of an Apple Quicktime Update). My fiancee was the first to use the system at 7:40 in the morning. The computer was running so badly she rebooted it. Bad move. The trojan then imbedded itself and proceeded to announce (at very frequent intervals) that my computer was infected with a Trojan SPM/LX. Well, I guess they would know, SINCE THEY PUT IT THERE! To me this is like a security company hiring thugs to break into your home and steal your electronics, in order for them to demonstrate your need for their services... or the Fire Dept setting your house on fire, to encourage you to buy tickets to the Fireman"s Ball.

I do not recommend that you patronize Win Anti Virus Pro 2006. I can't imagine what uses your computer would be put to after installing their software.

A definite 'Reclaimer 2 Thumbs Down' for these guys.

Bear in mind, I am very well equipped with firewalls, antivirus, etc, etc. Currently I am working with Webroot Spy Sweeper Tech Support to clean my system, and it looks like the coast is clear. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

If you are an intermediate or novice computer user, and you think your system is running poorly, or something is wrong, come to my webpage:

I have links to a ton of free spyware 'scan and clean' resources, free PC tune up and free registry repair resources. Everything has been used and tested by me. No tricks, no catches. Just honest help from some of the Internet's Good Guys.

Be careful out there