Resolve Bad Sectors with Computer Repair Tips

Any time your PC can develop bad sectors. Bad sectors slow down the performance of the PC making data writing difficult or almost impossible. So if you think your PC has got bad sector problems computer repair experts suggest you to use Error checking utility to ensure the computer health. Error checking utility scans the file system and hard drive for errors. Whether any file or folder is misplaced will also be checked by this utility.

Still confused about what to do? Computer support guys suggest that repairing bad sectors of your system will speed up the hard drive which will eventually boost the computer performance. Computer repair guys at Microsoft suggest running the Error checking utility once in a week to keep your computer in good shape.

So, now if you are decided about running the Error checking utility you need to follow some steps. First, you will need to close all the files and folders that were open. Now you need to go to ‘start’. From here you will need to go to ‘my computer’. Here you will need to select the hard drive you want to check for bad sectors. Once you select the hard drive, you will need to right click on it to open the ‘properties’. On ‘properties’, you will need to click on the option ‘tools’. Now click on the button ‘check now’. On the dialog box ‘check disk’, you will need to select the option ‘scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors’ and click on ‘start’. If any bad sector is prompted, repair it to ensure the smooth running of your computer.