Spyware Remover

by: Greg Martinez

Spyware invades your privacy. It is generally any software that invades computer systems mainly for advertising purposes, secretly gathering information from computer users then sending it back via Internet connections without anyone’s knowledge or permission, no less.

What happens is that spyware applications are most often packaged or bundled in with shareware or freeware programs as hidden components. So when you download programs from the Internet, you get the entire package, spyware included. Then once you install and activate the package, the spyware goes to work, monitoring activity of the computer users on the Internet, and sending the data back to home base.

Spyware Protection

Some Internet service providers (ISPs), like Earthlink and America Online or AOL are offering their own spyware protection built right in with the service packages. And there are a variety of adware and spyware removal tools to give your systems spyware protection, in budgets for all ranges from free on up.

Free Anti Adware

One of the top companies on the market today offering a no-cost solution is Lavasoft. They offer a free anti-spyware / anti adware download called Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition that can scan your hard drives, RAM, Registry, even external storage devices. It detects unwanted advertising, data-mining and tracking traces left to work throughout your systems. Simply download, install, activate and clean out your systems to get your privacy back.

Recent upgrades to this software include extended memory scanning that is an in-depth process now. The cleaning process of your system includes Code Sequence Identification technology that scans for unknown elements in your systems, an extended Registry scanning that now checks multiple-user set ups and more. The softare will also rid users of scumware, parasites, dialers, some trojans, malware and browser hijackers.

Adware Anti Virus and More…

Computer users can get help with readily available anti-virus, adware & spyware removal tools, often via instant downloads. You can at least install no-cost applications on a trial basis to see what you think. Then continue use regularly with paid or free versions. Popular tool choices, listed in no particular order of preference, include:

- Hitman Pro
- SpywareBlaster
- AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition
- Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware
- Spybot - Search & Destroy

So take charge and protect your privacy. Don’t let unwanted invasion enter and remain in your computer, sharing your personal information over the Internet with unknown sources. Fight back with an army of tools designed just to help you!