Tech Support for Non Functional USB Port

Running into a snug with USB port? Getting a message “USB Device Not Recognized”? Let’s find what a tech expert has to say.

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports are handy enough to quickly connect a digital camera, printer, flash drive and other peripherals to your computer. But sometimes it just stops responding. Worst thing is, in most cases it becomes utterly difficult even for a tech support expert to diagnose the reason. But as online computer repair professionals suggest, there are some common causes and fixes for USB port malfunctioning.

Tech Support
The problem may be in the USB port or in the device itself. You can check the functional status of USB port from ‘Device Manager’. Online computer support professional suggest different specific ways to get ‘Device Manager’ for different Windows versions. If error appears, be sure the problem lies in its software driver- either the active copy has been deleted or got corrupted somehow. So, update driver to the latest compatible version matching to your windows.

Blame the USB hardware if Windows Device Manager reported you USB is functioning properly. However, the problem could also be in the device you are plugging in. If the USB compliant device is damaged itself, remote tech support can do no magic to fix it.

Well, you can also clean up your system case followed by unplugging and re-plugging the port. This simple step can solve your issue as well. Have you tried something else? Share your comments here.