Tech Support on Copying Playlist from iPhone

You have got a brand new great looking iPhone and enjoying its cool features until the time when you want to copy the Playlists to your computer. But you need not worry about it because some simple tech support will get you back on your rhythm. Actually with Apple iPhone you can not only enjoy the phone functionality but can also access email and web . You can have access to thousands of free applications that add to the iPhone’s features. With iPhone you can enjoy the iPod facilities to the fullest because you can have quick access to any audio or video files. If you can copy the Playlists that you have created on your iPhone to your computer you can do it easily using the iTunes installation.

First you need to open the iTunes. Computer support experts suggest you to carefully plug the iPhone cable to the USB port. Connect the cable to the iPhone. Your device will be recognized by iTunes once you connect the device.

Now you will need to sync your iPhone with the iTunes. Most of the times it is enabled automatically. If it is not enabled you need to go to the menu file and will need to select theoption ‘sync’. It will take some time. Once completed, you will see the playlist on your iTunes screen. You can now continue your work with it. With this tech support you can now copy the iPhoene playlist to your computer.