Useful Tips for virus detection ! make your computer free ! no virus

*Delete chain emails and junk email. Do not forward or reply to any to them. These types of email are considered Spam, which is unsolicited, intrusive mail that clogs up the network. To permanently delete a suspect message, hold down the SHIFT key and hit DELETE.
Do not download any files from strangers.

*Exercise caution when downloading files from the Internet. Ensure that the source is a legitimate and reputable one. Verify that an anti-virus program checks the files on the download site. If you’re uncertain, don't download the file at all or download the file to a floppy and test it with your own anti-virus software.
*Update your anti-virus software regularly. Over 500 viruses are discovered each month, so you'll want to be protected. These updates should be at the least the products virus signature files. You may also need to update the product's scanning engine as well.