Using MP3 Renamers to Save Time and Money

By: Paul F. Wood

Whether music is part of your professional life or just something you love, chances are you have a computer that is overloaded with musical files. And there are probably a variety of places that those music files have come from. Maybe a lot of those files have been imported to your computer from CDs in your own CD collection. Lots of the files may also come from an online music program. Still others you may have been found on various websites or gotten through e-mail from friends.

All of these different types of files piled up on a computer can get quite messy. There is no organization of the files either in the way they are titled or the information within them. If you're ready to make sense of all of this, you have two options. You can always go file by file changing each and every name. The other way to go is using an MP3 renamer.

For many, the idea of changing file names doesn't seem so bad. However, once you multiply the few seconds it takes to change one filename by hundreds or thousands there are many hours lost. Instead, you could use that time for all sorts of other things. Do you have business or personal things you'd rather be doing with this time?

By enlisting the help of an MP3 rename program, you'll be able to make file changes quickly and easily and spend the rest of your time more wisely. How does it work?

Title Changes

The first thing you are going to want to do is make all of your titles make sense. With access to a rename MP3 program, you can highlight an entire group of files and change the names all at the same time. It will then remove the current name and replace it with your text and numbers, sequentially with just one click.

Album and Artist Information

Often, the album and artist information gets lost somewhere in translation as music files are being digitally loaded into a computer. It takes little more than a quick click to be able to highlight a whole group of songs and add that artist in information in with a renamer program.

Text Find and Replace

Did you initially have a system for naming all of the files in your library? Did your music library initially start with a file naming system? But now you'd like to make a few alterations to your old system. Just one action will find and replace words or phrases out your files.

Inserting the Track Numbers

It isn't just a matter of wanting to wipe out the existing name and overwrite it entirely - often you'll just want to use music information in a specific part of the name. A classic example is track numbers - you will probably want to insert them at the beginning, but make sure that you can pull the numbers straight out of each mp3 file and use them in the name; you should also be able to place that information wherever you like.