The Value of an IP Address Tracker

by: Morgan Hamilton

If you ever heard of an IP address tracker? It sounds to me like something the post office might use. Actually, it has something to do the Internet world. Let me explain:

The World-Wide-Web is rather intriguing wouldn't you say? It basically allows us access to all these bizarre and foreign places. Sometimes we come across things that we not have seen. It's truly amazing to have all this freedom and access at our very fingertips 24/7. A great deal of less use this technological wonder to our advantage on a daily basis, it's also a good idea to know what you're telling the world about yourself. Are you leaving a trail behind? Is someone watching every move you make on the Internet? You may want to ponder this concept before your next surf down the Internet-highway. Our PCs do all leave their own fingerprints. This characteristic is called an ip address. Have you any idea what yours might be? More importantly, did you know that anyone can use an ip address tracker to find out who and where you are? 1994 - big Brother all over again.

Does the phrase ip address tracker mean anything to you? If you have any experience with computers at all you probably know what an IP address tracker is. The truth is if you use a computer daily, then you probably know that yours contains an ip address. It is a means by which your computer can be specifically identified. A unique fingerprint, if you will. You've probably been spotted by a web company and not even noticed. Trust me, they are watching you.

Just this morning I was checking my email, and a website for dating was advertised on my browser. I clicked on it just to see what it was all about and it turned out to be an ad for singles and dating in my area. Then it flat out informed me what my town was called and who was available in it. Frankly, I wasn't at all surprised that this information was known. However, that just goes to show you with the click of a mouse, that website tapped into my computer's identity. They must use some sort of ip address tracker.

Whenever we use the Internet's wonderful resources, we rarely concern ourselves with where we're going. It's just another adventure through net-land. While this is fine, you may want to consider what is being recorded. Are you accessing classified government files, or IRS tax histories? Okay, maybe that's a little on that James bond side of the equation. Nevertheless, you should remember that websites all over the Internet can identify you rather quickly with an ip address tracker. If you are interested in high-tech software, you can find products that provide you with an ip address tracker for your own personal use. It's all there, online