What is Windows Vista?

by: Amanda Bode

What is Windows Vista? I have been getting this a lot lately with all of the buzz and hype on the Internet. Windows Vista is the newest PC Operating System to be launched in November 2006. The system has already been sent out to over 2 million users for beta testing and has got huge reviews!

Windows Vista improves application quality, enables developers to create richer, easier-to-use applications, and adds comprehensive APIs for accessing connectivity infrastructure.

1.) Find and Use Information - Increasing user productivity by making it easier to find and use information.

2.) Enable Mobile Workforce - Enabling a better connected more collaborative and more secure mobile workforce.

3.) Improve Security and Compliance - Helping protect your data, secure your environment, and make it easier to achieve compliance with regulations and policies.

4.) Optimize Desktop Infrastructure - Reducing cost and complexity of deploying, managing, and supporting your company PCs.

With the advances in Windows Vista™, Microsoft enables the Windows platform to deliver on three key essentials:

 Helping people to be more confident by making the operating system safer, more reliable, and more responsive
 Helping people gain clarity by removing clutter and improving organization
 Helping people connect with others easily and securely by improving network security and integration collaboration

Windows Vista empowers developers to create software that embodies these three essentials.

Windows Vista makes it easy to connect to information, connect to systems, and connect to customers. Using the Windows Communication Foundation Web services infrastructure, developers can create applications that communicate seamlessly across a wide range of hardware and software. Additionally, Windows Vista provides RSS support to enable developers to create experiences that aggregate information from multiple sources.