Which Printer to Use for Your Child's School Projects

by: Bobby Hudson

With school education becoming project-oriented, children need to print numerous color images almost every day. This can turn out to be quite expensive as the cartridge ink for your inkjet printer is costly. Yet, as a parent, the last thing you will want is to deter your child's creativity. In addition, you will also want to save your printer from curious experiments, like trying to print on a newspaper or seeing if a Canon i350 Color Bubble Jet Printer produces soap bubbles or not.

Buy cheap inkjet printer

The best way to do both will be to purchase an inkjet printer, which costs approximately $50. Children usually need color and easily accessible printers and not high-quality prints. So, buying an inexpensive inkjet color printer with high cartridge yield or efficient ink usage will be perfect for your child’s requirements. You should also check whether the cartridge ink can be easily installed as it is most likely that the printer ink will finish when you are not at home.

The modern branded inkjet printers are quality-tested and ‘cheap’ does not necessarily mean low quality. Some of the recommended models will be:

HP Deskjet C9067A
HP Color Inkjet C9050A
HP Deskjet 3520
Canon PIXMA iP1600 Inkjet Photo Printer
Canon i350 Color Bubble Jet Printer
Epson Stylus C42UX

Hand down your old printer

The other way to solve your problem will be to buy a new printer for yourself and hand down the old color all-in-one to your child. In this way, the child will also get access to a scanner.

Buy revamped printer

You may also buy revamped printers from the vendors. These are considerably cheaper than new printers, as selling returned goods as new, is illegal. The slightly used or returned printers are reconditioned and then sold with warranty but at discounted rates.