Windows Operating Systems for Hosting Servers

by: Dwsgayathri

Nowadays, most people prefer windows based operating systems for hosting servers. The main reason for this is due to the user- friendliness it offers that other operating systems do not offer. Windows 2000 Professional Server and Advanced Server are the commonly used windows operating systems for web hosting purposes. All these operating systems are similar and familiar like the other versions of windows operating systems. These OS will allow the user to integrate easily with other Microsoft applications. Most common Microsoft applications used while designing websites and other applications are FrontPage and MS SQL.

Many web page editors were released in the recent years, however Microsoft has its importance in the industry. The main advantage of Microsoft products is that they help you resolve problems easily. Apart from that, they provide advanced security measures and features for its operating systems. Another main advantage of these operating systems is that they support Active Server Page (ASP) technology, Visual Basic (VB) and Cold Fusion (“it is a simple tool that helps the user to create a database application easily and quickly”).

With tools like PC Anywhere and other remote control PC tools, you can work on your server from any part of the world. These graphical user interface tools help you to understand easily without any difficulties. With these features, you can monitor and manage your website from remote locations.

Today, people are using Windows based web hosting serves for both shared and dedicated hosting servers. Most of them utilize .NET technology. This helps the user to manage easily the server to the requirements.

As mentioned earlier, the main advantage of using a windows based operating system is to make sure that it can easily integrate with other Microsoft applications and products. Even though most of the servers have all the software in-built, you can also add new software depending on your needs.