Learn How to Store and Share Your Files by using Ajax

by: Mark Sheridan

Use your personal space in your favourite ajaxdocumentviewer.com. How? With lightning-like speed you jump onto a colleague's computer and pull up your personal hard drive on your community website. Log onto your account with a unique user name and password and bingo, your files come up on the screen.

Remote file backups everyone knows they should back up their files, but most people keep their computer and backup files in the same place.

Ever wonder what would happen if your computer and your backup files get destroyed by fire, flood or theft? Large corporations spend big money to keep their files archived on remote servers "just in case". Now you can do the same thing with your vital files at no cost.

If you have ever tried to email a friend large photos or a huge PDF or word document from work, you will know how long it took to send the email and then probably had the email returned saying that the message was to big to deliver. When this situation arises it's always when you have no time and you need to get a file to a colleague immediately.

Thanks to upload online storage services, these nightmares are a thing of the past, technology and file sizes have moved on, if you need to share a large word document or your latest video creation it's impossible to send them via email due to their size, but when you need a upload Online Document Viewer or online storage service you want it occasionally, just to send some files and you don't want your colleague to have to sign-up for a paid service just to get your files.

Another problem with the ever increasing size of files is how to backup this immense volume of data, the data won't fit on floppies or even CD's anymore due to it's file size, and you don't want to have to purchase some special hardware for a backup which would be nice to have just in case. Backing up to tapes and CD's takes ages, the computer grinds to a halt while you wait for all your files to be saved, it's so slow that you can't use your computer until it finishes. If you remember those days of copying files to floppy disks or multiple CD's then you will welcome a solution.

The problem with computer technology is it's often very difficult to use, your friend or colleague will offer file sharing solutions involving VPN's and WAN's and stuff that you pretend to understand, but all you want is a simple solution involving no more than web access.

If you need to access your work files from home or your home files from work or while on holiday then upload online storage services are for you. As your files are held securely using the same level of encryption as used by the military you can access your files from the upload online storage facility safe in the knowledge that your files are confidential and secure.

Store and share your files using Ajax Online Document Viewer nothing more complicated than your web browser.

Remember backing up your data is vital it's not a question of if you will lose data, and it’s when you will lose data. If you need to store and share files or make backups of your data consider a modern upload online storage service and forget email and CD's.

Another great use for the service involves sharing digital pictures over the web. As those file sizes grow with enhancements in digital photography, having a password protected spot online from which to share the virtual family photo album comes in very handy.

In case you are at a loss as to what type of large files you may want to share:

Job files
Image files
Files you want to 'transport' from office to home (and vice-versa).

PDF is a binary file format that cannot be edited using a text editor and usually have a .PDF extension. If I’m a publisher, why should I have to create a PDF file? Well, the benefit to use a PDF file format is various compared to known word processing formats:

Format: When you sent a PDF file you are sure that page contains the same format for all destinatary.

No virus: It’s very hard that a PDF file format includes some virus.

Edit file size: A great way to save space is with PDF. In fact, people can choose the image-quality to regulate the size of her file.

Hyperlinks: PDF file allows to put the link inside a website page so, you get users back to your website.