PC and Laptop Failure - 3 Common Faults

By: Steven R Hall

In this modern world the large numbers of people who use computers know that is has fast become a necessity in life and something that we come to rely on in our everyday life.

Whether it is for your work or pleasure, your pc is a highly important tool. If you have ever had problems with your computer you will know that it is a very frustrating experience and you realise just how dependent you have become. Some of the most common reasons a Personal computer fails are listed below. Most can be fixed quickly by a certified professional.

1) Viruses

Viruses are one of the most common problems that you may encounter. There are many different types and they vary in seriousness. Malware, Spyware and Adware are some of the names given to viruses. They are designed to spy on your user habits, serve up ads or even steal your personal information. They can make your computer behave in strange ways such as running slowly or failing to load properly.

2)Hard Drive Failure

If you computer has been dropped or knocked then you risk damaging your hard drive. A hard drive is where all your programs, pictures and documents are stored. When damaged all your items could be lost and a new hard drive may be needed. You should back up all your documents on a regular basis to avoid disaster.

3)Fan Failure

If your computer is making strange noises and feel very hot then you could have a faulty fan. If your PC or laptop is under warranty then you should send it back for repair or ring a certified professional.

There are many more problems that can occur with laptops and Personal Computers. When things go wrong make sure you check that your repair man is a certified professional and is fully capable of doing the repair.

There are many other reasons you may need to call a certified computer engineer. some of these reasons are listed below

1) Upgrade

You may need to upgrade your machine so it will hold more information and files, or you may wish to upgrade the computer to speed it up. All this can be arranged and carried out by a certified professional.

2) Health Check

Just like we should have regular check ups at the doctors your pc or laptop should be looked at every so often to make sure it is running as it should be. Remember prevention is better (and cheaper) than repair.

3) Installations

You may have just purchased a new software program and are unsure or are having trouble installing it correctly. If you are ever unsure and you value your time more than spending the whole day trying to do something. Then give a professional a call. For a small charge, they can have the job done quickly and do it right first time.

Remember it can be alot easier to hire someone than to waste your valuable time and effort trying to fix or do something you are unsure of.