Using Best Registry Cleaners Than Manual Method

By: Joey McClaren

About Manual Registry Editing

If you really have an idea where the problem lies, manual registry editing is a great alternative for using the best registry cleaners.

Windows Registry Editor must be launched by just clicking the Start menu and going to “Run” and typing “regedit.exe”

You can browse the tree of registry keys from there and get the entry that you wish to edit.

To get download a REG file from a trusted source online that is meant to commit some changes in the registry is an easier way to manually edit the registry using the Windows Registry Editor.

The changes are initiated by double clicking the file. By opening the REG file in Widows Notepad, you can view keys, values and entries that are edited.

By exporting a key from the Windows Registry Editor for use for other computers, you can even create your own REG file.

When the Best Registry Cleaners Come In

Mistakes can accidentally be made with manual registry editing solution which is a problem.

As it may affect the way certain applications load, this can be dangerous for certain entries.

The system may be rendered unbootable by deleting some critical registry entries and undoing the changes can be difficult if you forgot what you did.

Unlike ordinary registry cleaners, the best registry cleaners take great care in handling your registry entries.

When targeting entries that have problems, they have characteristics of being accurate enough.

Depending on its abilities, these bad entries are deleted or corrected. The entries are backed up before any actions are taken, giving the option for people to restore the old entries in the future.

The Best Registry Cleaners

Because of its ability to correct all kinds of errors in different categories, Perfect Optimizer has been widely praised by reviewers.

Perfect Optimizer detected over 1000 errors when one reviewer set up a typical test machine. That is about three times better than any other competitors is finding errors.

An intuitive interface is incorporated where all of the main components are found on the left side.

When new users need to fix problems quickly, the “quick scan” and “full scan” functions are easily accessible on the bottom.

To further boost the performance, it also contains some nice extras such as DLL repair and registry defragmentation.

With the live chat being the most convenient way, it also features five ways to contact support.

Even though its registry detection capabilities are average, Registry Genius is also part of the best registry cleaners family.

The interface is what really shines in this program because it manages to be easy to use even though there many other extras included in the program.

This cleaner is designed for both experts and novices and since it automatically does back up, the auto scan works well too. Afterwards, the results of the scan are comprehensively displayed and the customer support is pretty good.

If you want something that is easier to use, this is a good alternative to Perfect Optimizer.

Where its interface is quite good as well, Registry Easy falls in the middle. Although Registry Genius has the better interface, Registry Easy can detect over 600 errors outperforming the Registry Genius.

Certain areas of the registry are also targeted by 7 other features. If you need to fix a specific problem, these features may come in handy.

Because of their immediate responses usually under 24 hours, the customer support of Registry Easy is better than the other two registry cleaners as well.

Regsweep, Error Killer, and other the other popular RegCure are also some of the other nice Registry Cleaners.

Look at the screenshots and see how well it solves registry problems when choosing for an application. You can scan your system for errors for free without making any risky changes for most trusted programs.