Beware of New Email Virus (Here You Have)!

A new computer virus started causing havoc yesterday with several corporation (including NASA).  The virus was in an email with the subject line, "Here You Have" or "Just For You".  Both subject lines have been spotted on the virus containing email.

The actual name of the virus varies depending on which company you check, but it has been called the "Here You Have" virus, the VBMania virus, and it's official designation is W32.Imsolk.B@mm by Symantec.

The email contains a link and the virus is activated when you click the link.  Then the virus sends the infected email to everybody in your address book.

NORTON INTERNET SECURITY 2010 EN 1 USER 3 PC 24MO ESDAccording to Symantec, the virus has not infected any machines running Norton software yet.  So if you use Norton, it would be a good idea to make sure your anti virus software is up to date.

As usual, don't open any emails from people you don't know (especially if they contain attachments).