Guide on How to Setting Up Code::Blocks and MinGW Compiler with Allegro v4.2.2 installed on Windows

This Guide Will Help you How to Download and Install Code::Blocks in your Windows. Code::Blocks is a tool that will let you Turn the code that you write in C/C++ Scripting then Code::Blocks build your code into a program, you can create a Programs like Dos or Windows Mode or even a Platform or structural game. If you have a knowledge in Allegro Scripting and C/C++ you can Create a Game using Code::Blocks. Here's the Step on How to Install Code::Blocks in you computer.

* First Download Code::Blocks: Here
* After the Download is finish, Install Code::Blocks
* Follow the image guide on how to install..

How to Install Allegro in Code::Blocks
* Download the File Allegro version 4.2.2 Here
* After the Download is finish, Install Allegro-CODE-MinGW-v4.2.2
* Extract the file Allegro-CODE-MinGW-v4.2.2 in the same directory of your Code::Blocks "C:\Program Files\CodeBlocks". Follow the image guide below on how to install allegro in codeblocks.

Thanks i hope this guide will help you a lot in terms of c/c++ programming. Search c++ sample programs for beginners and tutorial in Google.. Have fun and more Codes will Run and Build.

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