How to Download Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition and Install in other PC Offline

There are Two Steps in Getting Microsoft Visual Studio Express.


The first method is web install. User must download a selected VSE product in MSDN website without any license check. All file are free to download but you cannot distribute it or save the whole file and make a copy of VSE. Because you must download it again if you want to use the VSE product in other computer.


And the last Method is of course the Hacked Method. The user can choose which product he wants to download. You can save the file, either burn it or virtual it and save as your complete VSE Setup Image Disk. But before we can done this things out. user must download the " baseline.dat " inside the directory of Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition. And open it with simple notepad or any text editor you may have. Next, find the section called "[vs_setup.dll]". Under that section, find a "URL " parameter with the value of "fwlink".

..:: See the image for better guide ::..

Copy the URL and Paste in your Browser Address Bar then Hit Enter
After you Download Extract the File using Power ISO or Winrar or Create a Shortcut File and Add this line "C:\Ixpvc.exe /x" as your Target. Now Find The File Name "vs_setup.msi" a Windows Installer Package. Then Create a Shortcut of this file and Edit the File Properties Target with this Line:
"C:\vs_setup.msi /q /norestart" and Apply. You can Now install vs_setup.msi in a Silent Mode.

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