No Drivers For Your Windows Xp to Format, Make a Backup using Batch File Backup Driver

This Batch file will Backup your inf, Help, Windows System and System32 file Drivers. and compile it in one folder called "CodeBackUp" inside of My Documents folder. you can edit or download the Batch File. its easy to edit, open notepad and type the following command.

echo off
echo This Driver Backup Batch File was Developed By CodeCatcher
echo from This Batch File will back up the folders containing your
echo Hardware Drivers to a Folder called CodeBackUp inside My Documents.
cd "%homepath%\my documents"
md CodeBackUp
cd CodeBackUp
xcopy %windir%\help /y
xcopy %windir%\inf /r /y
xcopy %windir%\system /r /y
xcopy %windir%\system32 /r /y
xcopy %windir%\system32\drivers /r /y
cd ..
attrib -h CodeBackUp
echo The folders are Backed up, You should now copy the content of the
echo CodeBackUp folder to a CD or Save it into your USB Flash Drive.
echo Format your Pc now and update your driver using CodeBackUp Folder.

Then save as "Name You Want For Your Batch file.bat"

You can Change and Edit only the echo command for your own but make sure the word called CodeBackUp (underline word) must be the same if you wish to change the Folder Name in where to compile the backup driver. To download the batch file click the link below.

Download CodeBackupDrivers.bat: Here

Now i teach you how to update the driver using your Batch Compiled Folder. Here's The Steps.

* Open System Properties (" Window + PauseBreak, or Select Start, Run, type "sysdm.cpl", and press ENTER or Right click My Computer and choose Properties ")
* In System Properties Tab select "Hardware"
* In Hardware Tab Click "Device Manager"
* Inside of Device Manager Select the Hardware you want to update (Question mark). Right click the Hardware choose "Update Driver...", click "Yes, this time only" then click "Next",In Hardware Update Wizard, select Install from a list or specific location (Advanced) and click "Next".
* Check "Include this location in the search" then Browse Find CodeBackUp Folder in My Documents ("your buckup file drivers")and click Next. Thanks...

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