Is your business broadband painfully slow

 By: Glen Thomson


Without using a real business only broadband network, one can probably never comprehend the real magnitude of the home download problem (though one does, of course, know that one’s business broadband Kent connection is horribly, painfully slow). As soon as one is given the chance to try the new stuff, though, everything becomes clear. The speeds and quality of the connection are staggering. The intuitive leap this new service has made, is this: why not make an area of the bandwidth unavailable to domestic users at all times? Doesn’t sound like much, but in reality it’s a stroke of marketing (not to mention functional) genius.

Most business broadband services aren’t what they seem to be. They allow domestic users to hijack their bandwidth pretty much at will, as soon as the connection speed on private lines slows down beyond a certain point. Given the quantity of home broadband users (this business broadband Kent service has clearly done its homework) in the UK, and the size of the files they are generally trying to download (mostly illegally), that "certain point" is usually being reached all the time. Result: a normal broadband for business Kent service runs so slowly it’s enough to make a managing director cry.

Everyone has become use to accepting broadband providers who clutter their business connection with domestic users and it has become the norm like being used to having a broken leg. It’s not ideal, by any stretch of the imagination, and it certainly makes getting around more than a little painful – but it can be done. Imagine, though, if after years of being used to one’s broken leg, one discovered that one could actually have it fixed. That one could walk around normally, at normal speeds, and without all that pain and irritation? That’s exactly what business broadband Kent has done. It’s fixed the legs of all those hobbling businesses. They’re no longer limping. They’re not even walking. They’re jogging along at a nice, steady pace – and we all know the world looks better when it’s moving freely.

Apparently it’s perfectly OK to advertise a broadband for business Kent service that everyone knows perfectly well is never going to reach its claimed connection speeds. And it’s apparently fine to advertise business broadband Kent when everyone knows it really isn’t, because it’s open to all domestic users too. Well, it isn’t fine any more. Welcome to the new world order, where broken legs are optional. Business broadband Kent has just turned a corner – into a freer, fairer world. What we are talking about here, on one level, is emancipation from the frankly selfish behaviour of large companies.

A new business broadband Kent service is making sure they aren’t by revolutionising the way companies use their online connections, by changing the way that the domestic user is allowed to access his or her connection. The dedicated broadband for business Kent service has arrived and ensures that no one is left out in the cold, particularly not its business users.

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