Remove Recycle Bin From Your Desktop in XP

Remove recycle bin
             Let me start my first post by showing you the steps inorder to remove the Recycle bin icon from your desktop.well its interesting isnt? Have you tried deleting the Recycle bin by pressing the' DEL' button on you keyboard ? many of us might have tried doing this but we are unable to delete it !!! So i thought of doing some research about this in the internet and got ample of information on how to 'Remove Recycle Bin From The Desktop'.
         Here are some simple steps.but make sure you take a backup of your registry inorder to be on the safer side.because if something goes wrong,you can actually restore it.I will show you to ways to actually to this,there may be more ways for doing this.


* Go to start menu then click on run
* Now type 'gpedit.msc' ( without quotes)
* Go to User Configuration--->Administrative Templates--->Select Desktop
* On the Right hand side/pane try to find " Remove Recycle Bin icon on the desktop "
* Once you find it,simply double click on it to Enable it.
* Done, no more Recycle bin ;)

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