Backdoor in Windows 7

Since the early days after learning of Windows and Microsoft's collaboration with the security forces and order, has been speculating on the possibility that were included as standard Windows backdoor which would allow authorities to remotely access any computer where it was Windows installed in a completely transparete for users.

After the news became known that the NSA Security Agency (United States) was working hand in hand with the development of safety critical parts of the new Microsoft operating system. Saute all alarms, anyone imagined the CIA and even FBI entering their computers without even ask for court orders under the slightest suspicion of criminal activity, terrorism, pedophilia, pornography simple in some countries, etc.

Microsoft went immediately to step ensuring that neither the NSA nor any other institution or organization had installed security systems to access Windows 7 in an unauthorized manner and that neither had in the past, never, ever. But ... who can trust a system whose code is closed?