Logging in automatically Windows 7

Every time Windows ask us to log in with typing the user name and password. That is very useful when there are several people who have access to the computer, but somewhat uncomfortable if the computer is also for personal use or wish to have access for visitors.

To avoid ever entering the data, then find and start logging automatically.

Keep in mind that set the auto start can only make the team manager.

First we open the Start Menu, what can be done quickly by pressing Windows + R simultaneously.

In the search box you must type netplwiz and press Enter.

Then you have to click the user account name, so it is highlighted, which allows automatic start.

Now with the mouse must be disable the box that says: Users must enter a user name and password to use this equipment. (as shown in the picture).

Click Apply, and the system will ask us to confirm the user's key that we have previously highlighted (thus disables the log data prompted us). Once done press OK and the process is complete.