One Of The Fastest Technologies

 by alfiery


Most of the companies especially the one dealing with e commerce and other related technological solutions on Internet are facing trouble with their central servers as more users are accessing the data during same time. This in fact is jamming the server without providing the requested information.

A new technology called content data network or CDN is developed in order to help such companies to prevent any more bottlenecks on the servers especially during the peak hours. This consists of large number of computers and they are all placed in different points on the network. All these computers are having same data thereby leading to redundancy. As a result whenever a user request for some information, the data from the nearest computer in the network will be accessed and passed on to the user. This will help in the fast delivery of data and also this process takes place without any loss of packets on its way. The users mostly will be requesting for the download of various streaming media video files, image files or audio files which requires high bandwidth for fast download to takes place.

This technology has bought many advantages for all Internet users. This will allow them to stick with their present Internet connection rather than moving with any advanced subscription plans thereby preventing them to pay more for Internet usage. More users are able to access same information at same time without having any trouble. Usually a trouble used to exist when all the data was placed on a single central server. This in a way has increased the number of servers and also increased speed of access and capacity of the network. In case if a fault occurs on any part of the network, it will not affect the functioning of the network as all the traffics will be diverted to all the other computers accordingly and it will perform the task easily without creating any downfall which was not the case with central server.

The number of computers connected within the network determines the architecture of the network. A large architecture is intended to cover large geographical location, and then more number of computers is required. There are many providers for CDN service. You can search on line in order to find different providers. You should carefully go through different quotes of these providers also the services provided by them and accordingly you should select the provider that suits your budget.

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