How I Sped up my Personal Computer in Three Smooth Steps

By: Mark Berns

To accelerate your Windows, you don't have to buy and set up some other computer hardware. Really - if you had your computer for some time, you can do a lot by merely installing software and using it on your computer. In this article I tell you, how I speeded up my computer this way. After I used my own advice, my computer speed enhanced by 43.2%.

I don’t know about you people, but one day I observed, that my computer is becoming slower and slower with each day. At first I reinstalled Windows and erased my hard drive every time I felt it was too sluggish. But with time I did a research to pick up, that there are more effective ways. There indeed are a couple of effortless things that I could perform to sped up my computer.

Here they are:

-Clean up Windows Registry. Making clean Windows registry can take your computer up to 50% faster!

-Get ridded of what computer software you don’t want. Your computer arrives to you with flocks of pre-installed trial run computer software, most of which you don’t need. Make it go away.

-Get rid of fancy visual effects.

Cleaning up Windows registry

When I was screening registry cleaners, I marked a problem – some of them just broke my Windows, or made it function improperly. Afterwards – when I was making my web site, devoted to raising Windows speed, I formulated great test, to which I submitted 41 different registry cleaners. I utilized the registry cleaners at their upper limit, and than observed the resulting impact on my computer. After the testing i realized, that solely 7 of those registry cleaners are of any use, and by that, I mean, that they do not harm your operating system, and that they give you sizeable (surpassing several %) performance hike.

Supported by my tests, I gave voice to few recommendations for you to deliberate, when seeking a respectable registry cleaners:

-Use exclusively best-selling registry cleaners. As I've seen, there are rational reasons, why nearly all registry cleaners aren’t popular

-Always back up your operating system before trying a novel registry cleaner. It turns out, that for each PC, Windows registry is unique. What works on one PC, may not work decent on some other. This means – what worked for your friend, may not work for you! You have to always test registry cleaner on different mashines to discover , if it is any good.

Uninstalling computer software

Sometimes computer software package simply refuses to get uninstalled, or there are uninstallation computer errors etc. This problem can be actually fixed. There are several software packages, which can help you completely deinstalle software from your Windows.

Visual effects

So far, each Windows operating system – taking out, may be, Windows 7, came with fancier and fancier visual effects, which induce your Windows to get slower. You should know, that those effects can be disabled. And – if you choose to do so, your PC may start operating significantly quicker. Of course, it depends on your preferences. I understand, that working on a fine looking PC experiences better than working on a Windows with every visual effect stripped down. Some of my co-workers opt to work with Windows 2000-like user interface, in Windows XP though, but by and large that’s too radical. Great news is, that you can gain a lot of speed advantage by disabling some very fancy but barely visible visual effects in Windows.