Installing Ubuntu One on Kubuntu 9.10

One of the key new features in Ubuntu 9.10 is Ubuntu One and the ability to sync files into the cloud.  This product is developed by Canonical and functions similarly to Dropbox.
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The first I installed Kubuntu and tried to get Ubuntu One working, I did a simple apt-cache search ubuntu | grep one to try and figure out what packages I need to install, however there a couple of packages to install, which ones do I?
* python-ubuntuone-client
* python-ubuntu-one-storageprotocol
* ubunto-one-client
* ubuntu-one-client-gnome
* ubuntuone-client-tools
The first time I just installed ubuntu-one-client but couldn’t get anything to work.  The problem is you need ubuntu-one-client-gnome to install and work.
Use the following command to work
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-one-client-gnome
Click on the following link to install