Secure your Router with Tech Support

Your router works to feed the high-speed internet connection into your computer system. But at the same time it is an open door to hackers. Wired routers, like FIOS cable or DSL, are no more secure than wireless. If you are on the same network as your neighbor, you adapter can sense their router and so you can have free internet access on their nickel. Not only that, you might browse their computer, read emails and get bank account details as well. So, be well aware of the fact that anyone in the world can find your router. Online tech support professionals provide specialized service for router configuration and security settings help users maintain their system privacy.

Tech Support
There are different types of routers available and each of them has a different interface. But the first step in every case is to log in to the router. Tech support tutorials often provide generalized instructions on how to implement the suggestions so that you can follow that. However, according to computer support professionals, you need to change the default username/password, SSID name and also use WPA encryption instead of WEP.

It is always essential to update antivirus and firmware protection. Online technical support is given to update firmware whenever the updates are available. There are other precautionary measures though. Talk to a remote tech support professional now to get the complete and effective suggestions to secure your router.